Youth In Action Ministry

The Power Of Faith Ministries Youth Department meets every Friday Evening at 7:00pm in the Music Institute on Lot 14 Portmore Town Centre [Please note that there are no Youth Meetings on Fridays that the church has major services, such as: Let The Oil Flow, Annual General Convention, Indoor Revival/Crusades, Other Major Special Service/Events]

The Youth Department is not exclusive only to those who attend our meetings, we cater to young people from ages 12 to 35 years and to the young at heart both inside and outside the church.
We encourage all our youths to be get involved with other youth oriented departments such as: The Bible Studies Department, The Melodies Of Praise, The Sports Department and others.

The Youth Department has a variety of programmes all of which are dynamic and diverse with Jesus Christ at the very centre of all of them.
Some of the features of the Youth Department Programmes include:
*Bible Studies *Drama Presentations *Visual Presentations *Interactive Discussions *Debates *Bible Quiz Competition *Talent Exhibitions and Contests *Groups Games *Board Games *Social Games *Prayer Meetings *Team Building Exercises *Worship Sessions *Socials *Youth Summer Camp *Retreats, Essay Competitions *Poetry *Dub Poetry *Speech *Song *Praise Breaks *Newsletter *Story Telling *Testimonies *Career Presentations *Health Presentations *Cultural Presentations *Historical Presentations *Movies *Sporting Events *Outreach Ministry *Home Visits *Prayer Ministry *Collaborative Events And More.
The Youth Department is currently led by a seven member executive which is assisted by other sub-committee members as the need arises.
We begin each year with prayer meetings every Friday for the month of January seeking the Lord for His directions, instructions and Anointing for the New Year.

Our major annual events include: Youth Convention in July, Youth Camp in July or August, the Decathlon Events from August to November, Annual Youth Executive Retreat in November to plan the department calendar for the upcoming year, and the Annual Camp Reunion and department End of Year Social.

The Youth Department also works in calibration with other department on various projects and events. Such departments include:
Men’s Department [Street Meetings and Evangelism]
Bible Studies Department [Vocation Bible School and Children’s Church]
The Melodies of Praise [Sign Language, Annual Youth Camp and Annual End of Year Christmas Production or Cantata]
The Sports Department [Events and Development]

The Youth Department over the years has cultivated youth for service in the following ministry areas: Prayer Ministry *Usher Ministry *Sign Language *Pulpit Ministry *Teaching Ministry *Choir Ministry * Praise & Worship Ministry *Drama Ministry *The Announcers' Office *The Prison Ministry.

The Youth Department has served as a training ground for ministry and has seen several of its former youths go on to become Teachers, Preachers, Pastors, Evangelists, and Ministers among other areas of ministry.

The Youth Department has also been a place to cultivate the spiritual growth and development of our young people in Jesus Christ, preparing them to walk in righteousness, holiness and peace before the Lord in their daily lives.